Welcome to Uniquely Natural Salon and Uniquely Natural Products, Inc., a single stylist salon that provides full hair care services in a safe, non toxic environment for all to experience.  At Uniquely Natural, we focus on clients with moderate to severe multiple chemical sensitivities along with clients that prefer a natural green environment, using a team approach. If needed a 30 minute complimentary consultation is used to determine your optimal  hair care needs.

For those of you that love to color your hair, highlights can be done with out harsh ammonia or fumes.  Gray hair can be covered and look stunning with a multidimensional color.

Uniquely Natural uses hair products free of petro chemicals and synthetic fragrance.  Most products are completely unscented.  We use all natural cleaning products, filtered water and no VOC paint.   The soothing atmosphere is calming for your body and spirit.

Linda Lofgren Hebert has worked as a hair stylist in the Seattle, South Snohomish County area for over 26 years.  Linda’s own chemical sensitivity led her to  find ways to heal and feel better.  By changing all the products she uses in her personal and professional life to natural and nontoxic  made all the difference. This started a journey of researching ingredients and reading labels which ended up being the first step in a fabulous journey of self discovery.

We use Curelle shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion.  They are fabulous unscented products that are vegan, gluten, sulfates and paraben free. To purchase CURELLE products email me at UniquelyNatural.inc@gmail.com